It is reported that Diane James has resigned as UKIP leader after only eighteen days in the job and that Steven Woolfe, a contender for the leadership, was involved in an altercation with another UKIP MEP, defence spokesman Mike Hookem.

UKIP has had a torrid week,
The future looking rather bleak,
As people question if they should,
Still hang around to do more good.

The Brexit vote was their demand,
They won it so could now be canned,
And Nigel Farage of the beer,
Wants to work in another sphere.

He says he thinks he’s done enough,
To leave behind that EU guff,
But he appears to have the knack,
Each time he goes of coming back.

The last time was three days ago,
When Diane James got up to go,
She’d been just eighteen days in charge,
So back again comes N Farage.

UKIP, though, isn’t quite unique,
They’re in a steady growing clique,
Along with football and some more,
Leaders are going by the score.

In fact the only one to stay,
Apart, of course, from Mrs May,
Is Mr Corbyn who’s just won,
Though he’s opposed by everyone.

But UKIP now with time to spare,
A meeting held to clear the air,
In Strasbourg where they often go,
To fight their European foe.

It seems that the contender for,
The leader of the UKIP corps,
Said to their spokesman on defence,
That Mrs May spoke lots of sense,
And that maybe he should have tried,
Campaigning on the other side.

What happened next is none too clear,
He might have got punched in the ear,
But while we’re not quite sure what’s true,
His name is Hookem – that’s a clue.

Woolfe lay there spread out on the floor,
With no report of a stridor,
Then off to hospital he went,
To save his life was their intent.

In two shakes he was on the mend,
You can, if you wish, chocolates send,
But if he’ll to the Tories go,
I am afraid we just don’t know.

There is a lesson to this tale,
If you should fight a person male,
Before you stand up and take aim,
Then you should ask him first his name!

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