It is reported that in an interview with Esquire magazine Tony Blair expressed his concern about the current state of British politics and hinted that he might return to the political scene.

You might have heard of Tony Blair –
Do please read on and don’t despair –
His head has popped back in the news,
Expressing, well sort of, his views.

Quite recently he’s given up,
His business but not his makeup,
And in a column with Esquire,
(Which I thought showed girls ‘sans attire’)
He was asked if he would return,
To politics for one more turn.

He said, “There is a limit to,
What I right now will say to you,
But that’s where politics is at,
And you’ll have to make do with that.”

You might think that this non-reply,
Confirms that this ‘straight kind of guy’,
Is back behaving in the way,
That he did in his former day.

His complaint right now seems to be,
That Corbyn will make voters flee,
While Mrs May there on the right,
Will get votes from those who take flight,
Which will, he says, destroy debate,
And be like a one party state.

He may think there is a ‘third way’,
That could keep the extremes at bay,
But as he p’rhaps sticks in his oar,
I think we’ve heard that one before.

So in conclusion it’s not clear,
If it’s now safe to give a cheer,
’Cos we don’t know if he’ll be back,
Or who next time he might attack.

So do keep reading this, my blog,
Although I know it is a slog,
And soon as I have more to tell,
You can get up and run like hell!

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