It is reported that a video tape has been discovered in which Donald Trump makes lewd and disparaging remarks about women.

If you are struggling to face,
More of the presidential race,
Which was becoming quite perverse,
Well, sadly, it has just got worse.

That Donald Trump there on the screen,
Was filmed while being quite obscene,
With women several years ago,
On his arrival for a show.

“So what’s new there?” I hear you shout,
“Of that there really was no doubt.
He likes to boast that he is rude,
And on occasions rather crude.”

Why, yes you’re right, and I’m no prude,
But this is moral turpitude;
It seems it everyone offends,
And he has now lost some more friends.

Now Clinton, Mrs, comes on scene,
Delighted she can him demean.

“A man with such a moral code,
Our highest office would corrode;
Our leader’s thoughts must all be clean,
And he must never be obscene.

We had this problem once before,
So I already know the score,
It led then to a blazing row,
But that was then and this is now.

Bill was an isolated case,
And had already won the race,
He’s had a chip put in his brain,
To stop him doing it again.

So do all put your trust in me,
And in Trump’s ear please put a flea;
He is the worst cove in the land,
And his campaign should now be canned.”

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