It is reported that at a recent international wine tasting competition in France the host country was beaten by the Chinese team.

Each year, it seems, somewhere in France,
Wine tasting teams each have the chance,
To compete in a tasting blind,
Where they identify what kind,
Of wine they’re given in their glass,
And try to other teams outclass.

You will not be surprised to know,
The Frenchmen who put on the show,
And so are always on home ground,
Win every time and are thus crowned.

But this year, Goodness! Sacre Bleu!
’Twas like there’d been a saboteur,
For they’d been pushed to second place,
By people of the Chinese race.

The French could not believe their eyes,
Perhaps these people were all spies,
But no, it seems they won quite fair,
For sure a new Gallic nightmare.

The French, when thinking wine or cheese,
Always expect to beat Chinese,
And every other nation too,
Attracting praise they think is due.

But times are changing they will find,
And p’rhaps we should the French remind,
That other countries, some with ease,
Can beat them up on wine and cheese.

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