It is reported that following publicity for the new film of the Stephen King book ‘It’ people are dressing up as scary clowns and frightening people.

You may have read, perhaps have seen,
Things which suggest that Halloween,
Has started early this time round,
As many people have just found.

The problem is that creepy clowns,
Are running all around the towns,
They’re jumping out at you and me,
And also others – he and she.

These clowns all have a scary face,
Not something you’d want to embrace,
And if you see one one dark night,
It will give you a dreadful fright.

A worry is they may be armed,
Intent on getting people harmed,
And so the police are cracking down,
On people dressed up as a clown.

The police say this has got to stop,
Or else they’ll get into a strop,
And if such clowns might cause affray,
Then they will take them right away.

They’ll lock them all up double quick,
Not let them out for treat or trick,
So they’ll go hungry with no eats,
And certainly there’ll be no sweets.

So if you are a clown take care,
About the kind of clothes you wear,
It’s better to have sweets than none,
So don’t go frightening everyone.

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