It is reported that people living in Scotland have longer good health but a shorter overall lifespan than people in the rest of the United Kingdom.

Most old folk would like better health,
Perhaps at the expense of wealth,
And we learn from a new report,
That if old people we deport,
To Scotland that will fit the bill,
For they’re less likely to be ill.

The reason for this isn’t clear,
It’s probable they’ll drink more beer,
But maybe they’ll all eat more fish,
Which is indeed a healthy dish.

This longer healthy part of life,
Applies to men, also the wife;
It isn’t much I am afraid,
But ’ere your health begins to fade,
You should be good for three months more,
With twice that for the wife or squaw.

But don’t all rush for tickets yet,
For something you should not forget,
Is that your lifespan will be worse,
So you will need to book your hearse,
A year and four months sooner than,
The average deceased British man.

You might think this a trifle strange,
As you your life now rearrange;
“With better health I will be strong,
So why will I not live so long?”

These numbers which your life predict,
Are not, in fact, here in conflict,
And even if you eat your greens,
The gist of what it really means –
You’ll kick the bucket sooner, though
You probably won’t stub your toe.

Image – pixabay

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