It is reported that Sting, of the rock group Police, has unknowingly had illegal migrants tending his vineyard in Italy.

Remember that rock star called Sting,
Whose name does have a certain ring?
Well, he in Italy grows grapes,
Up in the Apennine landscapes.

And he may be in trouble for,
His grapes which we in wine adore,
Are being tended, also picked,
By foreigners – you get my drift?

By ‘foreigners’ I do not mean,
Those not subjects of king or queen,
But those from outside the EU,
Who aren’t permitted work to do.

He isn’t now under arrest,
Because nobody did suggest,
That he knew what was going on,
And all these bods have long since gone.

But here’s an interesting aside,
In this tale of the countryside:
So that such crimes may start to cease,
It’s being looked at by Police.

That’s not the pop group Sting was in,
Which would not know where to begin,
But police of the Italian state,
Who’s reputation is so great,
That they will not want to lose face,
So very soon will crack the case.

Image – public domain pictures

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