It is reported that the controversy over a third runway at Heathrow is continuing with alternatives also being proposed.

Heathrow’s an airport – that you know,
And it is desperate to grow,
Because it’s bursting at the seams,
And so it has proposed some schemes,
To build a runway, number three,
But many people disagree.

This really comes as no surprise,
You wouldn’t expect otherwise,
For people who live round about,
Don’t want to have to ball and shout,
And patrons of the Rose and Crown,
Might get their favourite pub knocked down.

So other schemes have been proposed,
Where fewer homes will be bulldozed,
Like give the runway extra length,
And make it thicker for more strength.

So then enquiries are set up,
To try prevent a big cockup,
But such enquiries take an age,
And seldom very much assuage,
’Cos if they do some views reverse,
Some other lot will say it’s worse.

Meanwhile more different schemes emerge,
Like Gatwick where planes could converge,
Onto another runway new,
Which will do for more cargo too.

Speaking of which, it’s now proposed,
That Heathrow maybe could be closed,
To freight which then could all be sent,
To Manston – that’s somewhere in Kent.

So what to make of all this guff,
For sure we have all had enough,
We’re ready for a break in Spain,
If we can still get on a plane!

Image – pixabay

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