It is reported that Mrs Merkel is trying to persuade German companies that maintaining freedom of movement is more important than Britain remaining in the single market.

So Mrs Merkel’s in the news,
Expressing her Teutonic views,
This time she’s looking for new friends,
Who might just help secure her ends.

She says EU principles must,
Be kept and not be turned to dust,
And to this end she wants some aid,
From companies where things are made.

“I know,” says she, “this makes no sense,
’Cos the EU is pretty dense,
But principles we must maintain,
Although it might well be a pain.

So you must stand with me as one,
To help the EU’s work get done,
And Britain must just toe the line,
Important, it will be a sign,
To others who might just proclaim,
Their people want the very same.”

The makers say, “We’re none too keen,
If we have followed what you mean;
The British like to buy our cars,
In fact they are our retail stars.

We do not care about control,
Don’t want our workers on the dole,
We only want to sell our cars,
And things like beer for in the bars.

This is important you should know,
Don’t turn our friend into a foe,
You must your principles reverse,
Or things can only get far worse.

So when negotiating rules,
Remember people are not fools,
Do try for the best you can get,
But don’t the baby throw out yet.”

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