It is reported that according to new research human beings can only – only!? – live to a maximum age of 125.

Some people used to think that we,
The human race, that’s you and me,
Could live forever and a day,
If we could keep the pox at bay.

But recent research disagrees,
Says even if we mend our knees,
Comply with all the health warnings,
And do all sorts of other things,
We never will still be alive,
Beyond one hundred twenty-five.

Nobody’s managed this age yet,
But one French lady – I forget –
Lived ’til one hundred twenty-two,
And it’s been checked so must be true.

The reason, this new research says,
Is that after so many days,
Our cells no longer will divide –
It’s like a sort of genocide.

This number’s 4 – 5 – 5 – 3 – 1,
And after this your days are gone,
If you have not succumbed before,
By maybe slipping on the floor.

So best foot forward and take care,
No matter if you’ve got an heir,
If you are still within your date,
The next in line will have to wait.

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