It is reported that NatWest Bank is to cancel the accounts of Russia Today, the state broadcasting service allegedly controlled by the Kremlin.

Have you heard of Russia Today?
Their business is communiqué,
They broadcast propaganda lies,
As well as likely having spies.

Quite recently they changed their name,
But what they do is much the same,
And their new name’s become RT,
Their old initials obviously.

Now in the past few days we’ve heard,
That NatWest Bank, quite undeterred,
Intends to close RT’s account,
Which RT says is tantamount,
To unfair action against them,
And so the bank should think again.

But NatWest says, “We’ll not backtrack,
For everything you see you hack.
You’re agents of the Russian state,
And this we will not tolerate.”

RT says, “But our little boss –
You know the one – complete hair loss –
Is none too pleased at this approach,
And he is quite beyond reproach.”

The bank says, “We don’t give a toss,
About the foibles of your boss.
We have to safeguard the amounts,
In all our customers’ accounts.

So give your leader some advice –
Please listen, we won’t say it twice –
To bank with us you really must,
Behave so you regain our trust.”

The Russians said, “Don’t be so bold,
Or you’ll restart the war that’s cold,
Nobody speaks to him like that,
Not me, not you, and not the cat.

And if, despite these words, you do,
God knows what he might think to do;
He’s got a button and it’s red,
And we all know he’s off his head.”

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