It is reported that the European Space probe Schiaparetti is the second one to have crashed on the surface of Mars.

Seldom has there been so much strife,
As in this project seeking life,
On planet Mars, big round and red,
Or even former life that’s dead.

This is the second probe that has,
Been launched amid much razzmatazz,
But which has then just disappeared,
As it the planet’s surface neared.

It’s been said losing one is luck,
With two you’ve really come unstuck,
But these probes are done with great care,
So maybe there’s a reason there.

Maybe more lateral thinking is
Called for – we might suggest a quiz –
To work out what is going on,
When these probes try to land thereon.

It’s possible that folk unseen,
Like little men all dressed in green,
Lie waiting up there out of sight,
And when the spot the spaceship’s light,
They shoot them down – That’s it! Aha!
And lock them up behind steel bars.

You might think this far-fetched but wait,
I’ve seen some drawings quite ornate,
Of little men in suits of green,
So this has really been foreseen.

And also I am pretty sure,
They must have steel like in the Ruhr,
’Cos though I think they don’t make cars,
They’re always selling those Mars bars.

So maybe this all goes to show,
A third probe doesn’t need to go,
For if I’m right in what I say,
There must be life on Mars today.

Image – flickr

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