It is reported that a flotilla of Russian warships have been sailing through the North Sea and the English Channel en route to the Eastern Mediterranean.

You’ve seen the pictures on the news,
Of Russian ships complete with crews,
In stately progress through the sea,
As grey as grey as grey can be.

There were eight of these ships is all,
Some big and others which were small,
But biggest by far was the pride,
Of Russia but then by its side,
An ocean-going tug was seen,
For this ship was not quite pristine.

This carrier called Kuznetsov,
Makes other navies smirk and scoff,
For breakdowns really are not rare,
And so that they do not despair,
The tug will take the ship in tow,
Though it’s not clear where it would go.

It casts a pall of thick black smoke,
You’d think the thing was run on coke,
And this horrendous smoky pall,
Suggests it needs an overhaul.

Yet more reports say that the crews,
Do not have many working loos,
So they should watch how much they drink,
Or else the ship might start to sink.

But still the ship sailed on toward,
The Turkish-Syrian seaboard,
But if the journey proves too hard,
There’s always a Greek breaker’s yard!

Image – pinterest

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