It is reported that the proposed chief EU negotiator has said that the Brexit discussions should be held in French rather than English.

Brexit is now a war of words,
Some of them sounding quite absurd,
And Europeans as you know,
Regard us as their mortal foe,
Despite the well-known fact that we,
Keep half their people – he and she –
Employed in making things we buy,
Which business we could them deny.

You’ve heard already in these rhymes,
That they have said so many times,
We will be punished like at school,
For objecting to their misrule.

Now the EU, the silly fools,
Are wanting more change to the rules,
From English they now want to blench,
And hold the talks instead in French,
And this though if they get their way,
There might not be too much to say.

But Mrs May said, “No! No! No!
We will preserve the status quo.
Discussions on this will take long,
And be done in the English tongue.

You’re acting like those folk who try,
Constructive talks to us deny,
And it is really about time,
You accept this new paradigm,
And properly engage with us,
Instead of always talking thus.

There’s benefit for all in this,
And I shall be quite tireless,
In seeking what’s the best for all,
And not engaging in a brawl.

So please stop all this rhetoric,
Of which we are all getting sick,
There are good things here to be had,
If you will just stop getting mad.”

Image – Wikimedia commons

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