It is reported that Ed Balls retained his place in Strictly Come Dancing last weekend despite nearly dropping is partner Katya Jones.

Now give three cheers for Edward Balls,
Both in the circle and the stalls,
For though his dancing isn’t ace,
Last night he fought to keep his place,
And he succeeded ’gainst the odds,
’Cos thrown out were some other bods.

He gave it all that he had got,
But ended up in bottom slot,
With Craig saying his US smooth,
Was really one big jerky move.

He whirled his partner round the floor,
Then marched a bit and did some more,
But when it came to holds and lifts,
His partner nearly had her chips.

She stood there on his leg so high,
In rough direction of the sky,
But as to stretch out she did try,
Her foot misplaced on Edward’s thigh,
We almost had some broken bones,
In Edward’s partner, Katya Jones.

He lives to fight another day,
No matter what the judges say,
And though his dancing is third-rate,
We all at home think that he’s great.

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