It is reported that Jeremy Paxman would like David Dimbleby’s job as chairman of Question Time.

Two people who may look serene,
When there upon the TV screen,
Are household faces, household names,
But both of them have as their aims,
To seek exposure of the truth,
And ferret out the spin and spoof.

The first of these of course you’ll know,
It’s not the C4 Peter Snow,
But David Dimbleby himself,
Who isn’t quite yet on the shelf,
At age of seventy-six plus one,
’Cos he is loved by everyone.

He is still chairing Question Time,
Which come on just before bedtime,
And one-off programmes on great note,
Like when we’ve all been out to vote.

Election specials, funerals too,
Of famous people, not for you,
Are programmes he has done so well,
But where he might bid us farewell.

But what of that one Question Time?
Which he chairs although not in rhyme,
Because there standing in the wing,
Is someone who can be scathing,
In any sort of interview,
If his subject says things untrue.

By now I think it should have clicked,
His age right now is sixty-six,
He always cuts through all the guff,
Until his guest has had enough.

Of course it’s Paxo who would like,
To see Dimbleby on his bike,
So he can take the QT crown,
And show once more that famous frown.

But will it happen? We don’t know,
Depends if David leaves the show,
The QT guests might not be chuffed,
As more of them would then get stuffed.

Image – Wikimedia commons

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