It is reported that Candice Brown, the Lipstick Lady from Bedfordshire won the 2016 Great British Bake Off competition. Congratulations to her.

GBBO no more we’ll see,
On good old Auntie BBC,
For in this culinary fight,
The final final was last night.

The bakers, three, left in the race,
Between them set a cracking pace,
With sponge cakes, meringues, sausage rolls,
But this time no profiteroles.

The things they made were mostly good,
With flavours, textures as they should,
And all the three managed to make,
A pretty scrumptious chocolate cake.

The judging didn’t take too long,
Was read out in the English tongue,
And when it was all said and done,
The Lipstick Lady, Candice, won.

She was a worthy winner and,
Might now become a lipstick brand;
She’s used a ton throughout the show,
And maybe now is set to go,
Around the world with pies and cakes,
And selling lipstick in the breaks.

Image – bbc

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