It is reported that a waiter knocked the thumb off a priceless Roman statue of Venus while serving drinks at an event at the British museum.

Now give three cheers for superglue,
There’s nothing much it cannot do,
No matter things are new or old,
For either is it often sold.

Quite recently the British Muse.,
Had urgently a need to use,
This product so with this intent,
Their man round to the glue shop went.

An accident there had just been,
Imagine, if you will, the scene:
A party had been in full swing,
Midst Roman statues, vases Ming,
When one guest dropped a cocktail stick,
A waiter bobbed down pretty quick,
But getting up again it’s said,
He slipped or tripped and banged his head.

He got a scrape, it wasn’t vast,
Was fixed with some Elastoplast,
But as he looked down as the floor,
He saw something not there before.

He stared and stared and stared again,
What he had done was pretty plain,
He’d knocked the thumb off with his head,
The subject, luckily, was dead.

So how to get out of this hole?
P’rhaps stuff it in a sausage roll,
But then it might be rather tough,
And be discovered soon enough.

So better own up right away,
Then it can be glued back one day,
And what for him who showed remorse?
They sent him on a training course!

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