It is reported that a new Swedish study has shown that some examples of the common swift have stayed airborne for ten months at a stretch.

That birds can fly we all know well,
But I am now about to tell,
A fact about one little bird,
Which you may think sounds quite absurd.

But you’d be wrong I can declare,
For this bird flying in the air,
Can stay in flight ten months or so,
No matter flying high or low.

This little bird’s a swift, in fact,
And several of them have been tracked,
Flying from Europe, going far,
To west and central Africa.

They do this trip both there and back,
Because of food there is a lack,
And three of them, although quite small,
Returned without a stop at all.

They leave our shores in late July,
And know, of course, which way to fly,
Then after ten full months in flight,
They come home where they then alight,
Around about April or May,
But only two months do they stay,
Before, although it seems insane,
They all of them set off again,

Sustaining them throughout this feat,
Are insects that they catch and eat,
And every swift for this food looks,
To keep them in the record books.

Image – flickr

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