It is reported that the FBI has reopened its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails following the emergence of new information.

There’s scarcely now a week to go,
In this poll, fraught as you will know,
And now the FBI once more,
Into the contest sticks its oar.

It’s not the first time it’s done this,
Back then it did the case dismiss,
And Clinton weathered then the storm,
Which seems now to be much the norm.

The problem is, I can relate,
The former Secretary of State,
Put emails that were secret, top,
Where hackers could on them eavesdrop.

As evidence of this we see,
Some have been published recently,
By Russian hackers whose intent,
Is to cause much embarrassment.

And now new things have come to light,
To interfere with Clinton’s fight,
As agents of the FBI,
Take time again to cast their eye,
Over things that might be a crime,
And do it all in record time.

For there are only days to go,
And voters likely want to know,
If they should her at this point dump,
Then grit their teeth and vote for Trump.

For Trump, of course, this is a gift,
Should give his campaign quite a lift,
For she’s now worse off that he’d hoped –
The only one that’s not been groped.

Image – flickr

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