It is reported that the Government is considering building prefabs to deal with the housing shortage.

For those who don’t know, old prefabs,
Were houses built of concrete slabs,
Just four of them plus roof and floor,
Replaced the houses there before,
That had succumbed to German might,
And been bombed out at dead of night.

They went up in the fifties and,
By 1980 had been canned,
Although a few might still exist,
The housing shortage to assist.

But now new prefabs are in store,
They’ll be built on the factory floor,
Be well-lagged and quite watertight,
Then be transported through the night.

Once they are on the building site,
The bolts will all be done up tight,
So that, if there is no delay,
Each one’s erected in a day.

If done with government resolve,
This could the housing crisis solve,
They will be sound and will not tilt,
As long as they’re not jerry-built.

Image – http://www.sheffield

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