It is reported that a study has found that noisy wind turbines can deprive people of sleep. Surprise!

Those windmills you see all around,
Are known to make a swishing sound,
On some the decibels are high,
As they rotate there in the sky.

But if they are too loud at night,
The local people can’t sleep tight,
Therefore they spend the night awake,
And some end up with earache.

So people speak up to protest,
“Why don’t you move the things out west,
And put them in the Irish Sea,
Or somewhere else like in Dundee?

We cannot stand it any more,
It’s worse than sleeping on the floor,
And when we’ve grown used to the noise,
The thing that really then annoys,
Is when the wind drops, blades go bump,
And what we hear is then a thump.

We really are at our wits’ end,
It’s driving us right round the bend,
This carbon thing, for pity’s sake,
Is giving us all earache!”

Image – Wikimedia commons

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