It is reported that a new one pound coin will be released which has improved anti-counterfeiting features.

The one pound coin that we all use,
To buy things as we stand in queues,
Will be replaced it is foreseen,
Sometime in 2017.

Of old ones three percent are fake,
And so the Mint plans to remake,
The coin with features nice and new,
Which make it hard to copy too.

It’s got twelve sides and half are milled,
So even for a forger skilled,
The coin is difficult to make,
So fewer of them will be fake.

Then there’s two colours, silver, gold,
A combination used of old,
And tiny printing, hard to do,
So that it can be read by you.

And one more thing, there is a bit,
Depending how you look at it,
Where you see either ‘1’ or ‘£’,
There just below the head that’s crowned.

And finally, the Mint now says,
A feature certain to amaze,
For hidden in the coin there is,
Something ideal for a quiz.

We don’t know what it is or where,
But it is meant to cause despair,
If you try to increase your wealth,
By knocking out a few yourself.

I’ve thought about this quite a lot,
Because it is a topic hot,
And I think maybe that a fake,
Might cost more than a pound to make.

The Mint, of course, can make the rules,
Can use sophisticated tools,
So as it piles coins in a heap,
It probably can make them cheap.

Image – royal mint

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