It is reported that the next big thing in food is – wait for it – vegetable yoghurt. Especially carrot. Hence the picture.

It seems that fruit has had its day,
For decades berries have held sway,
In yoghurts all across the land,
And also other fruit to hand.

But now displacing all this fruit,
Are vegetables, not so cute,
And most of them are rather plain,
With little flavor in the main.

Mixed in with yoghurt, though, they’re great,
Or so say those who have them ate;
They’re packed with vitamins and such,
And most of them don’t cost that much.

So we have carrot, Brussels sprout,
A flavour kids can’t do without,
Then lettuce, beetroot, onion too,
And cabbage just to name a few.

These all sound lovely, you’ll agree,
But what I would like most for tea,
Is yoghurt laced with Scotch or gin,
And then I really would tuck in.

They really sound delightful and,
Will come in plastic pots or canned,
And when of them I’ve had my fill,
I must be careful not to spill.

These alcoholic yoghurts are,
Just perfect for behind the bar,
Your crisps into them you can dunk,
But please try not to get too drunk!

Image – pixabay

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