It is reported that a study by Lancaster University lists the carbon footprint of all different types of food.

The carbon footprint of our food,
Does not mean if it’s boiled or stewed,
But rather how it is produced,
From which the figure is deduced.

For most of our food is now farmed,
And you should really be alarmed,
To know the worst is buffalo,
As McD says it’s ‘good to know’.

We don’t eat much of that round here,
But lobster, which is pretty dear,
Comes in as second so it’s said,
’Cos it’s not fished but farmed instead.

And then there’s beef that comes in third,
Way way ahead of any bird,
And cows are set to keep this slot,
Because they smell and fart a lot.

Best things to eat are veg. and fruit,
Which have a footprint quite minute,
And so if food like this you crave,
You surely will the planet save.

But many people like to eat,
A portion of their food as meat,
So if you might be one of those,
I can right now to you disclose,
The things into which you should tuck,
Are bunny rabbit, goose and duck.

It doesn’t say if you should shoot,
These creatures which are really cute,
Or if you wait another day,
With luck one might just pass away.
Or maybe don’t do it yourselves –
They’re on the supermarket shelves.

Image – Wikimedia commons

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