It is reported that judges in the High Court have ruled that the Government must get the consent of Parliament in order to invoke Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty and start the process of leaving the EU.

If you thought Brexit was a bore,
And could not take it any more,
You might have made a big mistake,
As judges have now put the brake,
On what the Government had planned,
To get us out of Euroland.

They say it cannot just proceed,
Because they ought to have the need,
Of parliamentary support,
The getting of which could be fraught.

So with this ruling what to do?
The Government has choices few.
At first, of course, it will appeal,
To check if this decision’s real,
And if it is then they will frown,
And try to face the MPs down.

They’ll bet MPs won’t disagree,
With folk who voted to be free,
’Cos if they do it won’t be smart,
And could a revolution start.

What happens then we can but guess,
It’s bound to be a dreadful mess,
But one thing that is very plain,
Is this will all come up again.

I’m sorry if this doesn’t please,
But like the sword of Damocles,
This will hang over us a while,
Until – Oh God! – we’re all senile.

We will have lost our wits by then,
That’s women, children, even men,
But some folk will escape at least,
If only ’cos they’ll be deceased.

Image – Wikimedia commons

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