It is reported that a research group in the UK has applied to run a field test of GM wheat which has shown to have 40% higher yields than conventional wheat.

We have all heard of GM food,
Which can be roasted, fried or stewed,
In some places it is banned still,
For some say it might make you ill,
Or if not ill, at any rate,
It might affect your mental state.

The country where it’s grown the most,
And products of it spread on toast,
Is in the good old USA,
Where it means local people pay,
Less for their food than folk elsewhere,
Objections to it being rare.

But now back here in the UK,
A group of researchers now say,
That they have grown some GM wheat,
Which has been shown that it can beat,
The yield of just a normal strain,
By forty percent, sun or rain.

So for this wheat they want to try,
To grow it under open sky,
To see if this they can repeat,
And grow it in the snow and sleet.

I don’t know if they will succeed,
But if they do you’ll surely read,
About it in this blog of mine,
Where I’ll report from time to time.

But right now if I may digress,
The US is in such a mess,
’Cos in their presidential race,
The people who each other face,
In front of flags seldom unfurled,
Are quite the worst two in the world.

I won’t go into this right now,
It will come later anyhow,
But could their manner and their mood,
Be down to eating GM food?

Image – Wikimedia commons

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