It is reported that Bristol City Council is proposing to do away with lollipop ladies and men to save money.

In Bristol councillors think they,
Should cut their spending from today,
They must do this – no ifs, no buts –
Because they’re faced with budget cuts.

There’s lots of things that they could choose,
In each case some will win or lose,
But one thing on which they are keen,
Though parents will say that it’s mean,
Is lollipop ladies and men,
Who do their jobs with acumen.

Of course you’ll know what they all do,
And so this creates ballyhoo,
With parents saying it’s unsafe,
For any little child or waif,
To try to cross the road alone,
Without the risk of broken bone.

The Council says, “We’ve little choice,
We mustn’t lose the mayor’s Rolls Royce,
And if the lollipop men go,
Your children must be taught to know,
How to wait ’til the man goes green,
Which after red can be foreseen.

If they do this and get it right,
Then we’re sure that they will – not might –
Be safe as they go on their way,
But keep them off the motorway.

So really there’s not much to fear,
If lollipops should disappear,
They should arrive at school all right,
As long as they don’t have a fight.

Image – wikimedia commons

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