It is reported that the United kingdom is to increase spending on developing aggressive counter-cyberattack measures and that the Russians set up two British soldiers eating in a McDonald’s restaurant in Latvia to look like hooligans.

The Russian man who pulls the strings,
And seldom hides long in the wings,
Is feared by many countries for,
He might just start a cyberwar.

He has ambitious plans, that’s plain,
So if you get caught in the rain,
His cybermen across the world,
Will see your brolly’s not unfurled.

He says, “Now do I make this clear,
Such actions will cost others dear,
And they won’t know that it was us –
We’ll slip away in all the fuss.”

But his chief hacker says, “But wait.
Our systems are so out of date,
That we can’t hack it any more,
Without risk of a cyberwar.

So if you start this type of war,
You might get more than bargained for,
For if the others call your bluff,
Things might become then pretty rough.”

Putin replied, “This looks quite bad,
And really makes me rather mad;
We must do something they won’t like,
A sort of quick preemptive strike.

That’s it! I’ve just had an idea,
There is a place not far from here,
Where British troops have gone to train,
Although the reason isn’t plain.

So we’ll not need computer bugs,
We’ll set them up to look like thugs,
And if we can get all this right,
And film them engaged in a fight,
The people for this will not stand,
And from McDonald’s they’ll be banned.

This might seem like it’s second best,
But keep the plan close to your chest,
It’s something that they can’t ignore,
And better than a cyberwar.”

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