It is reported that Donald Trump has given a victory speech after winning the US presidential election.

The race is finished, voting done,
Against the odds The Trump has won,
And after a campaign so wild,
His victory speech was rather mild.

The biggest part of what he said,
Was thanking folk alive and dead;
Of most of them you’ll not have heard,
Which makes the whole thing quite absurd.

There was no mention of the wall,
As if it won’t be built at all,
But infrastructure will be built,
And growth will be pushed to full tilt.

But this must be Trump Number Two,
For it will be a shock to you,
To learn that Clinton, that female,
May not now find herself in jail.

He said she’d done a lot of good,
If you don’t like her then you should,
And people now should all ignore,
Those nasty things he said before.

For he’ll with everyone be friends,
Though just how he will make amends,
For all the insults he has made,
Is not so clear I am afraid.

So keep up with the daily news,
As he now contradicts the views,
That he expressed to win the race,
And see how he about will face.

Image – Wikimedia commons

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