It is reported that after eighty years the BT speaking clock is to have a Scottish voice for the first time.

The speaking clock is very old,
And all those years the time’s been told,
By just four people, just four folk,
Perfecting then “… at the third stroke …”.

But from now things will different be,
’Cos when you dial 1 – 2 – 3,
It may be a chance to rejoice,
For you will hear a Scottish voice.

The English voices have all gone,
Consigned to history every one,
And it is probably a fact,
That no-one knows how you’ll react.

You may like it or maybe not,
Or just a bit – that’s not a lot,
But since the Scots are still with us,
Perhaps we shouldn’t make a fuss.

A fuss, though, is what we will get,
Miss Sturgeon hasn’t spoken yet,
But when she does it won’t be long,
Before she finds there’s something wrong.

We do not know what it might be,
And probably no more does she,
But she will find something in time –
I only hope she makes it rhyme.

Image – wikimedia commons

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