It is reported that Russia has a new battle tank which may be superior to the current British ones.

Britain invented the tank for,
The fighting of the First World War,
And since then others I can tell,
Have fought their wars with tanks as well.

The Germans, French and USA,
All have their battle tanks today,
And when a new one goes on test,
It usually exceeds the rest.

The latest one a Russian is,
And now the West is in a tizz,
Because it seems from a review,
That most of it is pretty new.

It has two tracks and is still manned,
But no-one’s in the turret and,
Unlike the other tanks of old,
Its gun is now remote controlled.

Its gun is big, quite handy for,
Someone who wants to start a war,
And it has quite a high top speed,
A bit more than you’ll ever need.

So what are we supposed to do,
About this tank that is so new?
The Russians don’t have many yet,
But when they do they’ll be a threat.

This threat is likely here to stay,
It probably won’t go away,
So if we want to them outflank,
We’ll have to build a better tank.

Image – flickr

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