It is reported that the NHS is planning to ban the sale of sugary drinks.

NHS in the news again,
Its job is easing people’s pain,
And curing them when they fall ill,
And won’t respond to just a pill.

From studies they’ve done they think that,
People who are obese – that’s fat –
Will fall ill more than average Joe,
So often will for treatment go.

It’s been suggested once before,
When fat folk walk in through the door,
For treatment they will have to wait,
Until they’ve lost some of their weight.

And now a little twist on this,
So they won’t their weight targets miss,
All hospitals will now be banned,
From selling bottled drinks or canned,
Containing sugar which is bad,
And, really, it is just a fad.

This will apply to staff as well,
So they will look not fat but swell,
And if a doctor’s svelte and trim,
The patients might just copy him.

In this way, then, the NHS,
Expects to spend not more but less;
It will stay in budget constraints,
For fewer folk will have complaints.

So if you’re getting rather fat,
Keep off the fizzy drinks or flat,
Then you’ll be treated right away,
And will live for another day.

Image – pixabay

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One thought on “DRINKS CANNED

  1. Rena February 22, 2017 / 14:27

    Wonderful exinolatpan of facts available here.


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