It is reported that the makers of Toblerone have made the chocolate bar smaller by increasing the spacing of the peaks.

The makers of this chocolate bar,
Are fast becoming the bête noir,
Of chocoholics everywhere,
Because they just don’t seem to care.

They have bought up some famous brands,
But once they get them in their hands,
They put less chocolate in the bar,
So that they don’t then go as far.

While they do this the outer size,
Looks much the same to people’s eyes,
It’s when they look inside the block,
That chocolate lovers get a shock.

We’ve seen the orange hollowed out,
Of this there really is no doubt,
And here now in the latest tweaks,
The spacing of the Alpine peaks,
In Toblerone has been increased,
By thirty-five per cent at least.

They must think people will not spot,
The changes but they’re quite a lot,
And with this Toblerone attack,
The thing looks like a cycle rack!

Image – Wikimedia commons

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