It is reported that Angela Merkel has indicated that she may be willing to compromise on freedom of movement in the Brexit negotiations.

You will have heard of the EU,
Which always tells you what to do,
Including advice it doth give,
About where people work and live.

It’s pretty much a free for all,
For people short or maybe tall,
’Cos if you walk or drive or hike,
You can go anywhere you like.

While this sounds good it can be bad,
And makes the British rather mad,
For we are just a little place,
And quickly running out of space.

So in discussions – the first round –
The PM is standing her ground;
Her red line’s in the sand all right,
And it is pretty black and white.

The EU doesn’t like this and,
Dismisses it all out of hand,
But in its armour shining bright,
Has now appeared a chink of light.

The hausfrau from the German East,
Some pragmatism shows at least,
For in a speech she gave last night,
She said it would not be all right,
For an exemption to proclaim,
’Cos others would all want the same.

Perhaps just now as an aside,
Herr Juncker should his time just bide,
For if all others want this gone,
They could just have a vote thereon.

And it seems pretty clear to me,
That of this Europe would be free,
But logic seems not to apply,
In the EU though God knows why.

But now back to the case in point,
Which does put noses out of joint;
She then used the ‘However’ word,
Perhaps the first time it’s been heard,
And followed by ‘we must discuss,
The details then to proceed thus’.

So what has caused this change of heart?
For Mrs Merkel is quite smart.
(Intelligent I mean this time,
Not clothes that sometimes do not chime.)

We know or at least we can guess,
Carmakers would be in distress,
If tariffs came in on their cars,
Some of which have three pointed stars.

And she will know if you do not,
That since she is in the top slot,
She is accustomed now to ride,
In such cars which are dignified.

But if she upsets Daimler Benz,
Such transport may come to an end,
So she her shoes had better caulk,
Because she might just have to walk.

Image – Wikimedia commons

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