It is reported that Donald Trump is softening on his promise to build a wall along the Mexican border.

“When I was looking for your vote,
One thing I often said and wrote,
Was that I planned to build a wall,
And that it would be pretty tall.

This really is still my intent,
As long as there’s enough cement,
But if there isn’t don’t despair,
A wall is mostly in the air,
So some parts might just be a fence,
Suggested by my mate Mike Pence.

The fence will also be quite high,
Protruding up into the sky,
And if some bits are on a hill,
It likely would go higher still.

Where there are hills costs could reduce,
’Cos fences made of wire or spruce,
Might be dispensed with in some way,
So that there will be less to pay.

And lastly, as to who will build
The wall for this will need unskilled
Workers who work hard every day,
And do it all for little pay.

Historical analysis,
Of major projects just like this,
Shows migrants always get these jobs,
Not more expensive local yobs.

So we can have one final twist,
Because I think we would insist,
Migrants we would take on and pay,
While they are in the USA.

Then when, at last, the job is done,
We would just sack them every one,
And as a very general guide,
We’d do it on the other side.

So this kills two birds with one stone –
As well as cheap they’ve gone back home!”

Image – flickr

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