It is reported that a fourteen year old girl has been frozen in liquid nitrogen for future resuscitation.

“Hello, hello, Jack Frost is here,
I bring good news so do not fear,
For now that you are growing old,
You’re better off not warm but cold.

The process I shall now describe,
To which you might like to subscribe,
Is all arranged on your deathbed,
But not begun until you’re dead.

The first thing that we do is chill,
No matter you are well or ill,
And then we have a little wheeze –
We swap your blood for antifreeze.

That done, we cool you pretty fast,
’Til minus one-nine-five is past,
And after that and only then,
You go in liquid nitrogen.

Now nitrogen can cause the bends,
Quite bad for you if not your friends,
But by now you are well deceased,
So of your worries that’s the least.

We store you – hundred years is right,
Based on the success of Snow White,
Then when your ills can all be cured –
Please worry not and be assured –
That at that time we’ll wake you up,
And give you food and drink to sup.

Oh, and there is just one more thing,
How you then back to life we bring;
We’re not quite sure how this will work,
But on this point we will not shirk,
So working on this are our men,
And we will likely know by then.

It has been done one time before,
Two thousand years ago or more,
So if it could be done back then,
I’m pretty sure we can again.”

Image – pixabay

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