It is reported that the Government has approved the expenditure of £369 million for the refurbishment of Buckingham Palace.

“One’s home which is a tourist sight,
Has some things which are not quite right,
And such things need to be repaired,
So from misfortune one is spared.

The building’s really very old –
Two hundred years or so one’s told –
And things must really work all right,
So one can get some sleep at night.

The plumbing’s in a dreadful state,
So says young George the plumber’s mate,
And others in the know do tell,
The roof leaks like a sieve as well.

But what gives one the jitters most,
Is that thing used for making toast;
That’s electricity I mean,
Which simply had not been foreseen,
When its state was still quite pristine,
In the reign of that other queen.

So hence one’s wiring’s not too good,
The risk is greater than it should,
And it is one of one’s chief aims,
The place should not go up in flames.

These things all need to be repaired,
So from disaster one is spared;
One has had big fires in the past,
With Windsor Castle as the last,
And it would be a dreadful shame,
If this place were to do the same.

So let one’s watchword be ‘Take care’,
When one’s considering repair,
One’s Government’s more cash than most,
So one’s no need to end up toast!”

Image – Wikimedia commons

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