It is reported that corpses which have been subjected to cryogenic preservation are unlikely to be resuscitated and they would have lost their memory anyway.

The papers are still full of this,
So there is no excuse to miss,
The further things that have been said,
About what happens when you’re dead.

The latest comments that I’ve read,
Say raising people from the dead,
Is pretty difficult to do,
And even then you won’t know who
You are ’cos though you pay a lot,
Your memory is likely shot.

But what they say with fingers crossed,
If you wake then at no more cost,
They might know how to cure you then,
So you can have a life again.

But they forget so haven’t said,
The reason that you are now dead,
Is ’cos the illness that you had,
Was really, truly pretty bad,
And so despite the doctor skilled,
The thing has you already killed.

So then the problem, should you wake,
Is not to cure your pain or ache,
But more to raise you from the dead –
More difficultly done than said.

In fact it’s really pretty hard,
And so you should be on your guard,
Then if you want to spend a mint,
Be sure to read all that small print.

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