It is reported that a new report has found British children to be the least fit in the world. Especially the Scots. So there! Mrs Sturgeon.

It’s well established people wise,
Take quite a bit of exercise,
If not there will be an increase,
In numbers turning out obese.

Obesity as we all know,
Comes from not keeping on the go,
Not counting time that’s spent in cars,
Or eating those deep-fried Mars bars.

But setting jokes like this aside,
A recent study done worldwide,
Puts British kids alack alas,
Right at the bottom of the class.

English and Welsh are pretty bad,
But what is even much more sad,
Is while Slovenia comes in first,
The Scottish are by far the worst.

Because of this and eating grease,
A tenth of them are quite obese,
When they begin, aged four, at school,
And also as a general rule,
When they depart, aged just past ten,
Two times that number’s obese then.

So what to do about this plague?
The answer really is not vague;
One hour of exercise each day,
Which can be work or even play,
Like running or with ball and bat,
Will stop our children getting fat.

There is a word of warning though,
Which might just be a mortal blow;
The finger exercise you get,
When using your phone or tablet,
Even if playing bat and ball –
It really doesn’t count at all.

Image – pexels

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