It is reported that the Philip Hammond, Chancellor of the Exchequer, is very grey in all he says and does.

Our chancellor is much maligned,
And people can be most unkind,
While Theresa goes to church to pray,
They say that Hammond’s simply grey.

At school he was called Spreadsheet Phil,
A nickname that is with him still,
For reading a complex spreadsheet,
Can be for him a real treat.

His hair is grey, he wears grey suits,
His coat is grey while he’s en route,
And probably, though none can tell,
His underwear is grey as well.

His favourite tipple is Earl Grey,
We saw it this week on a tray,
But on this point it should be said,
He does still have the box that’s red.

But what of this? It matters not,
’Cos of grey matter he’s a lot,
He is intelligent indeed,
To sort us out in time of need.

But what of others in the news?
There are a few, which one to choose?
We read of Trump most every day,
And never could we call him grey.

His house is covered in gold leaf,
His taste is bad beyond belief,
But as to what he plans to do,
Not many of us have a clue.

I s’pose that only time will tell,
Will life be good or just like hell?
We’ll surely know before we’re old,
If grey is preferable to gold.

Image – flickr

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