It is reported that President Elect Donald Trump has proposed that Nigel Farage should be the next British ambassador in Washington.

So Nigel is The Trump’s best mate,
They each think that the other’s great,
And now that Trump is soon in charge,
He’s found a job for friend Farage.

He has said that it would be good,
If PM Mrs May now could,
Appoint his friend now that he’s free,
To the Washington embassy.

The diplomats all bite their lips,
For Trump still has to get to grips,
With protocol so that he might,
Learn properly to do things right.

But Donald Trump will rules ignore,
He doesn’t want what went before,
And most things that he used to say,
He has abandoned anyway.

In Downing Street, though, since last June,
This went down like a lead balloon,
And Mrs May has pointed out,
That though Trump might have lots of clout,
He cannot and thus should be taught,
To make appointments of this sort.

So this appointment’s canned for now,
Relations will improve somehow,
And when there’s more at future time,
Be sure to read it here in rhyme.

Image – Wikimedia commons

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