It is reported that Bradford City Council has banned the putting up of Christmas decorations in its offices so as to avoid the cost of repairing drawing pin holes etc.

“This Christmas thing that comes around,
Can cause some problems we have found,
It’s gone down badly in the past,
So this year we are acting fast.

We’re issuing this pocket guide,
Which you should all keep by your side;
The points within it are quite few,
And will tell you what not to do.

So where to start? Now let us see,
If you have brought to work a tree,
Don’t stand it up or plug it in,
For it must go straight in the bin.

For Christmas trees can catch alight,
In which case there’s a chance they might,
Make quite a lot of smoke and smell,
And burn the office down as well.

Next up is holly, thin or thick,
Which can give you a nasty prick,
So with such branches act in haste,
And put them in the garden waste.

And then there’s stars and things you pin,
Upon the walls when you get in;
The stars themselves don’t cause distress,
But drawing pins can make a mess.

And finally we have balloons,
So oft the cause of misfortunes,
For they around the office hang,
Until one day they all go ‘Bang!’

This can give folk a dreadful fright,
And it could even start a fight,
For some folk might think it could be,
Perhaps the start of World War Three.”

Image – pixabay

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