It is reported that Ed Balls and his partner Katya Jones have been voted out of Strictly Come Dancing having lost to Judge Rinder in the dance-off.

The moment we’d been waiting for,
As Ed and Katya took the floor,
For their dance-off routine – their first,
To see if they were still the worst.

The outcome was in little doubt,
The judges threw the couple out,
As they’d been waiting weeks to do,
Frustrated every time by you,
The voting public who did grin,
And voted then to keep them in.

This was the first time Ed was dropped,
But not for Jones held there aloft,
While dancing there some weeks before,
I think most likely one plus four.

On that occasion people gasped,
But Ed recovered pretty fast,
He certainly was on the ball,
And didn’t drop Miss Jones at all.

So what now that Ed Balls has gone?
You couldn’t say he ever shone,
At dancing skill which wasn’t neat,
And disconnected from his feet.

But people like it as a rule,
When politicians make a fool,
Of themselves on the BBC,
Where everyone can watch for free.

So he’ll be missed that is for sure,
Of dances he might now do fewer,
But this is not the last we’ve seen,
Of Ed upon the TV screen.

And we will have to now make do,
With bald and tall Judge Rinder who,
Is likely not to take the crown,
But can now be the Strictly clown.

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