It is reported that a team at Oxford University has developed an app that scans your face, works out what mood you’re in and then recommends the best food to make you feel better.

We’ve got an app I have to say,
Which we are testing out today,
It scans your face, decides your mood,
And then tells you what kind of food,
You ought to eat so if you’re sad,
You’ll maybe then not feel so bad.

So let us see how all this fits,
For someone who is stressed to bits,
The option’s really not that nice,
It tells you to eat more brown rice.

The app is free, it’s free for all,
But if you want to have a ball,
You could our premier version buy,
Which will give you more food to try.

This version says if you are stressed,
The thing that might just suit you best,
Is chocolate which I think you’ll say,
Beats plain brown rice most any day.

Our premier charge is not so high,
We keep it low and that is why,
We have some sponsors who assist,
Based on their knowledge specialist.

So anxious folk don’t be surprised,
If by this app you are advised,
To eat a meal and not a snack,
The best choice being a Big Mac.

For sure it will your fears assuage,
No matter what your sex or age,
And if then guilty you might feel,
Then you should have another meal.

The app, though, doesn’t cover guilt,
Into the software it’s not built,
So it might say to your surprise,
Just have again Big Mac and fries.

This isn’t really wise advice,
Big Macs are best not eaten twice,
But if you like them you’re in luck –
The needle in the groove is stuck!

Image – wikimedia commons

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