It is reported that running shoes with minimal cushioning are better for minimising injury as they encourage landing on the ball of the foot rather than the heel.

People who do out running go,
Will often wear twixt heel and toe,
A rubber thing that’s called a shoe,
For that is what most people do.

There are a lot of different sorts,
Some made for walking, some for sports,
And when there is a race – a test –
Most athletes want to wear the best.

The best was often thought to be,
One soft and very rubbery,
Which cushioned all up to the heel,
So that the wearer wouldn’t feel,
A jarring when the foot’s put down,
On running track or road in town.

But recent research now reveals,
That increased jarring of the heels,
Occurs with this design and so,
It isn’t quite the way to go.

Instead of this the shoe that’s best,
And comes out well in any test,
Is one that’s cheap and hard and thin,
And has a lot less rubber in.

What this shoe does is help you put,
Your step on the ball of the foot,
And this means that the impact stress,
On your whole body is much less.

So best foot forward and take care,
About the kind of shoe you wear,
A thin one will help you to dash,
And might even save you some cash.

Image – pixabay

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