It is reported that US President-elect Donald Trump has spoken on the telephone to Tsai Ing-wen, President of Taiwan, the first time a US president has spoken directly to a Taiwanese leader in 37 years and it has sparked a diplomatic incident with China.

So back we go to Donald Trump,
Who looks today much like a chump,
At least to those with almond eyes,
Whom he’s just taken by surprise.

Trump’s crime, though he’d not call it that,
Was to ring up and have a chat,
With Tsai Ing-wen there in Taiwan,
Of whom Beijing is not a fan.

You’ll likely be surprised to know,
’Twas thirty-seven years ago,
When the last president/elect,
Spoke to the Taiwanese direct.

And this is ’cos the Chinese state,
Professes still Taiwan to hate,
Because it says Taiwan should be,
Ruled from Beijing and not be free.

At present all can co-exist,
But if the Chinese off get p*ssed,
They might decide then to invade,
This island they think renegade.

Diplomacy, though, smooths the way,
For joint existence day by day;
It is the act of saying nought,
Then doing what you think you ought.

But Donald wants to drain the swamp –
No room for diplomatic pomp –
And with words in his repertoire,
Expect occasional faux-pas.

I’m not sure he knows what these mean –
God help us when he meets the Queen –
He might think it’s a golfing term,
Where he would be on terra firm,
But if such Chinese terms there are,
It’s likely it is spelt fo-par!

Image – flickr

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