WE 300 KINGS …


It is reported that the villagers of Calne in Wiltshire had over one thousand wise men in their Nativity play.

For round about two thousand years,
With plays by others and Shakespeare’s,
A favourite one will always to be,
The play of the Nativity.

The cast in general doesn’t change,
To do so would be rather strange,
There’s Mary, Joseph, Baby J,
And the innkeeper who says ‘Nae’.

Then we have shepherds with their sheep,
A lot of them ’cos they come cheap,
And finally, wise men there be,
Of whom the number’s always three.

They bring their presents – one – two – three,
As they go down on bended knee;
Some other number makes no sense,
With gold and myrrh and frankincense.

But this year down in Calne in Wilts.,
As well as angels up on stilts,
And where there should be just three kings,
They’ve got a thousand of the things.

The reason must be strange indeed,
It’s more than they will ever need,
And if they all should presents take,
It could turn out a big mistake,
For if they leave them in a heap,
They’ll find a pile more than knee-deep.

So hearing ’bout all these wise men,
Writ in the script by means of pen,
We asked them why in this year’s play,
They had so many on display.

At first they ventured no reply,
Which made us think they knew not why,
But then they said ’twas their intent,
To show they were intelligent.

Image – Wikimedia commons

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