It is reported that Matteo Renzi has lost the referendum on the Italian constitution and has resigned as Prime Minister.

A referendum’s taken place,
And Matteo Renzi made the case,
For simplifying government –
At least that’s what it’s thought he meant.

The subject did seem quite obscure,
So maybe folk were not too sure,
What they were voting for that day,
But p’rhaps no matter anyway.

The voting papers looked quite huge,
Would not have been approved by Scrooge,
Nor probably by any Scot;
And when folded to fit the slot,
They looked just like a little book,
Which might in the slot have got stuck.

But they did not and I digress,
For the result was rather less
Votes for the ‘Si’ side than for ‘No’,
And so it’s time for him to go.

He lost out to a showbiz clown,
Who brought Renzi, not the house, down,
But nobody should cheer or gloat –
This was another protest vote.

We’ve seen these protest votes elsewhere,
With Brexit and that man with hair,
And other leaders are quite glum,
Expecting there are more to come.

But now the banks in Rome are broke,
Which for most people is no joke,
So I suppose if people shout,
The Government will bail them out.

No-one quite knows where this will lead,
The outcomes could be grave indeed,
If every time the people speak,
They vote as in a fit of pique,
Remove incumbents aforesaid,
And put a clown in place instead.

Image – flickr

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