It is reported that the station at Shippea Hill in Cambridgeshire is used by only one traveller each month.

We hear so much of crowded trains,
People who stand with aches and pains,
Commuting daily to the smoke,
So crowded that they cough and choke.

As well as trains it’s stations too,
With lots of travellers, not few,
All vying for a bit of space,
As they negotiate the place.

Imagine then their great dismay,
When I tell them right here today,
That there’s one station that conveys,
A person every thirty days.

The trains from there to Norwich go,
But very few get off and so,
If you should want there to alight,
You have to get the process right.

Procedure is you tell the man,
And he’ll ask if the driver can,
Remember please to stop the train,
No matter it is sun or rain.

So if you go there don’t despair,
You will be in the open air,
There are no taxis in the place,
So take a brolly just in case.

Image – Geograph

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